Your partner for Smart Asset Management

HERE relies on 30 years of mapping experience to help companies outpace an ever-changing world. With the HERE Platform for Business, customers can access powerful, flexible and global location cloud services built on enterprise-grade map content.

Use our services to better manage your products and workforce. Smart Asset Management is a way to optimise valuable resources. We mean fixed assets like fiber cables and mobile assets like trucks. We work across vertical industries such as transport & logistics, utilities & networks and government. With our help, customers make route optimisation, fleet management and city planning more productive, safe and sustainable. Your business could benefit from our solutions, too.

HERE Platform for Business

We offer five location components from our HERE Platform for Business. With Maps, get access to map styles optimized for your daily operations, while leveraging the always fresh and reliable content. Use Directions to guide mobile assets with fast and smart routing services for various transport modes. Traffic navigates drivers with real-time and historical information to be safe and efficient on the road. Our Geocoder instantly translates addresses into GPS coordinates and vice versa. And Places gives ways to explore and interact with various points of interest and locations worldwide.

Our customer service team helps you select the right HERE Platform for Business components. We’re committed to 24-hour, individual attention so you can successfully implement HERE Platform for Business services anywhere, anytime.


Visit HERE Developer portal to learn more about how you can integrate our Javascript APIs, Rest APIs and Mobile SDK into your application.

HERE Map Content

HERE has both the breadth and depth of map data that customers can trust. Our global map data includes a range of features for enterprises such as truck attributes, satellite and street level imagery, venue maps and point addressing. 


Our global teams continuously plan, refresh and test our map data to make sure information is up to date, making millions of changes every day.

Businesses use HERE Platform for Business to tap into that content for their own solutions. Our customers have assets all over the world and count on us for reliable information to optimise their use.