HERE keeps people moving

HERE makes it easy for people to get around in a world of constant change. Whether on foot, public transport or in a car, HERE Maps provide everyday guidance with accurate maps that are always available. Even without an Internet connection, our widely acclaimed offline navigation can still provide search and turn-by-turn voice directions.

Save time and data

Save our interactive maps directly on a device and use them offline in more than 100 countries. Search for a place and get driving directions, public transit routes and walking navigation without a data connection.

HERE Maps offering work seamlessly on a broad range of phones, tablets and computers. Our beautiful “look and feel” makes finding your way delightful. At HERE, we develop technology to keep up with a world that is faster and more urbanised every day. It’s location intelligence made easy to create more sustainable lifestyles.

Never be late or lost

We all know the feeling of being lost when arriving at a new place. Those days are over with At home on a computer or smartphone, plan trips ahead of time using Collections. Save the address for a job interview, a new café across town or a museum on the other side of the world. Then keep your favourite places on Collections to have them at hand and view them on any of your devices.

HERE calculates the best routes based on personal preferences and real-time information. Whether walking to meet friends, getting to work on the train or driving to the airport, we’ll get to the right place on time. For those who prefer comfort over speed, HERE can figure that out, too.

Leading people into the future

We believe that maps at their core are answers to the questions that people have every day. Those questions are growing ever more complicated – from how to safely navigate ever growing urban environments to how we can feel like a local wherever we are. That’s why we are taking maps far beyond where they are today to deliver location intelligence that is an intuitive, relevant and seamless part of people’s lives every day.